There are fewer complications and risks associated with breast augmentation by lipofilling than breast augmentation with implants.

Risks and complications in breast augmentation with implants

The decision to switch to breast augmentation is a very personal one. Because surgery always involves risks, you will have to decide whether the benefits of a fuller bosom outweigh the possible complications of the operation and breast implants.

Your plastic surgeon will explain in detail the (small) risks associated with an operation. The risks of breast implants and complications after breast augmentation include:

Bleeding (hematoma)
Poor healing of the wound
Changes in (the feel of) the nipple, temporarily or permanently
Ripple the skin over the implant
Moisture accumulation or capsular formation, causing the breasts to feel hard
Painful breasts
For an extensive list of risks and complications, see also the English site of the American testing institute FDA .

Risks and complications with a breast augmentation with lipofilling

The risks associated with lipofilling are mainly related to the liposuction that must be performed prior to lipofilling. For example, liposuction has a very small chance of infection or a bleeding.

Things to consider before undergoing breast augmentation with a breast implant
It is important to be well aware of the consequences of breast enlargement. Therefore always keep in mind the following:

Breast implants have a Limited lifespan.

The longer you walk around with breast prostheses, the greater the chance that they can lead to complaints at a given moment, such as a rupture. This applies to all types of breast prostheses.
You have to take into account that you may have to go under the knife again after the first operation.
For example, surgery may be necessary to replace the implants.
Breast surgery does not always lead to a cosmetic improvement.
Keep in mind that breast augmentation can lead to irreversible and undesirable results. Fortunately, this happens rarely.

Your own natural breasts will possibly change forever.

When you have the breast prosthesis removed, for example because you experience symptoms, you have to take into account that your natural breasts will look different. Often the breasts become much weaker, more wrinkled and there is a decrease of the natural breast tissue.
If you have breast implants placed then you will have to check your breasts for the rest of your life.
If you notice something strange about your breasts, then it is advisable to contact a doctor as soon as possible.
If you have breast prostheses placed, then you have a very small but increased risk of a rare type of cancer.
This type of cancer is called ALCL and can occur in the tissue around the breast implant. ALCL is not a breast cancer, but has to do with the lymph system. Women diagnosed with ALCL may need treatment with chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.