Can You Lose Weight With Water?

It is one of the tips that often pass to make diets easier: drinking weight with water . There are countless different reasons for this, but all sources claim that you ‘lose’ weight if you drink a lot. That sounds ideal, of course!

Unfortunately there is, as often happens, a snake in the grass. If losing weight with water really went so automatically, we had already lost a couple of kilos … But is there still some truth in this tip? In the blog that we have written for you today, you will read all about it! super greens powder

Lose weight with water?
Sources that say that you can fall off with water often give very plausible sounding reasons. For example, your metabolism would start to work faster, causing you to burn more energy . Unfortunately, that kind of statement makes it all too complicated! Losing weight is ultimately a matter of calories , and water does not change the calories that you ingest or burn.

So if you keep eating exactly the same as you always do, you will not suddenly become slimmer by drinking extra. Blogs that claim this can be better taken with a grain of salt .

Water as an alternative
Yet it is not that water can not be useful at all if you want to lose weight. It can indeed help you to get fewer calories in total! An important advice is to only drink water during the day. Leave the sugary soft drinks as much as possible and drink as little alcohol as possible .

Instead, opt for water or water with a taste or water-based beverages such as tea or homemade iced tea . This way you avoid the many sugars and calories that many people consume unnoticed through their drinking. Every day that can save hundreds of calories, and in the long run you will indeed fall for it!

Water as a snack
And water can help you in a different way to eat less : it fills up properly. If you drink a good glass of water before a meal, you eat less on average. This way you reduce your portion size unnoticed ! It can also be a good idea to use water as a snack.

Do you feel an enormous binge of food coming up, and you do not have any good snacks at hand? Drink a big glass of water again! Often your body has a tendency to confuse hunger and thirst, so this can already solve the appetite. And if it really is just a binge, that water helps you to resist the temptation.

Water is healthy
Then there are of course general reasons that make it wise to drink a lot. Water is simply very healthy. When you are well hydrated, you will feel more active and awake. That can also benefit your efforts: after all, you will soon consume more energy!

Sufficient water also ensures that waste products can be better disposed of through your body. Finally, it also triggers all kinds of other body processes. For example, lubricating your joints and regulating your temperature is not possible without sufficient water. All reason enough to drink enough, in other words!

How much water to drink?
What is a healthy amount of water to drink? On average, most people need about 1.5 to 2 liters per day. In some circumstances, however, it is better to drink more, for example if you exercise a lot or if it is very hot. Even heavier people often need more water.

Your basic water requirement is approximately equal to your body weight multiplied by 0.03. Someone weighing 80 kilos should drink about 2.4 liters of water , while someone who weighs 60 kilos only needs 1.8 liters. A convenient way to always drink enough is to fill enough half liter bottles in the morning and drink them empty. This way you will not lose count of the number of glasses that you have drunk.

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Strengthen Your Immune System: Practical Tips!

Now that winter is approaching, suddenly everyone is running around with flu and colds. Paying attention to your resistance, is the frequently heard advice. But how exactly do you do that, strengthen your immune system ? Do you have to work an orange every day, or can you improve your resistance in other ways?

In today’s blog, we explain how your body defends against diseases and damage. And of course we give you practical tips with which you can help the defense yourself!

How does your immune system work?

Your immune system consists, in short, of all the mechanisms that your body uses to protect itself. It is used for all kinds of threats – not just viruses and bacteria, but also fungi, parasites, toxins, and so on. That means it has to be very versatile, and therefore very complex!

We can hardly discuss the entire immune system here, but a number of important components are:

1. Physical barrier.
The physical barrier is largely formed by your skin. This ensures that harmful substances from outside can not enter your body. Your mucous membranes are also part of the physical barrier. These filters include the air you breathe and the food you eat, and fish out the first harmful substances.

2. White blood cells
The general defense is a kind of cleaning system in your body. This task is largely performed from white blood cells. They develop into a kind of ‘vacuum cleaners’ that remove foreign substances. It is not only about bacteria, but also about damaged and dead cells.

3. Lymphocytes
However, there are white blood cells that are more specific to certain disease processors. These are the so-called lymphocytes. Every lymphocyte can recognize one specific type of disease processors. Once you have been in contact with a disease, your body can react to it much faster the next time! That is also the reason that vaccines work so well.

4. Antioxidants
Finally, there are still antioxidants . This is a collective name for all kinds of substances that counteract free radicals : substances that damage your cells. You get free radicals through food and polluted air inside, but they also naturally occur in your body. Thanks to antioxidants, effects such as inflammation and unrestrained cell growth are prevented.

Immune system strengthening Tips

A complex system, therefore, that you can not turn on or off at the touch of a button. Yet strengthening your immune system is possible! We list below five important tips that help you advance your resistance in the winter.

1. Sleep well enough
Just when you sleep, your immune system is activated. After all, your body does not have to deal with other tasks and can focus entirely on clearing and repairing. However, it is important that you also sleep long and well enough. Stress and fatigue are actually the best ways to weaken your immune system … So go for about eight hours of qualitative sleep per day!

2. Drink enough
Strengthening your immune system is not possible without sufficient fluid in your body. Many of the functions described above need moisture to absorb and remove pathogens. Conversely, healthy nutrients can not be transported properly if you drink too little. So go for those 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day – and a little more as your sport.

3. Strengthen your intestinal flora
The bacteria in your intestines are also important to keep your body healthy. They respond to many unhealthy substances that you ingest through your food. The best way to keep your intestinal flora healthy is by eating probiotic foods. These are mainly fermented products, which release substances where your healthy intestinal bacteria grow well. A number of healthy probiotics are:


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What To Do With Those White Spots

As a qualified all-round beauty therapist and skin therapist, Jasmijn enters contact with skin and skin illness every day. Just recently she was detected with vitiligo by the skin specialist. She had never ever thought about that she herself might ever end up being a patient of a skin condition. This is her personal story. “I comprehend my patient.”

” Have you been being in the sun for too long with your sunglasses? Exactly what are those areas on your hands? Are you ill?’

What do those white areas do suddenly?

Like every morning, I was preparing for the mirror for the day. What do those white areas do unexpectedly? I looked at my eyes in amazement. For a moment I believed I may have been being in the sun for too long with my sunglasses on. A couple of months later the areas around my eyes seemed to become whiter. Did I possibly utilize a wrong eye cream?

When I started my skin therapy training last year, I found out more and more about vitiligo. The story was really much like my symptoms at that time. A growing number of white spots appeared on my wrist, my fingers and in my neck. At that minute I decided it sufficed and I needed to know exactly what was happening with me.

At the time I had a lesson from Jantine van’t Klooster [director Stichting Nationaal Huidfonds, instructor of hbo Skin Treatment and blogger Huidhuis] I asked her for recommendations and whether she did not take place to know what it might be. Jantine encouraged me to go to the skin specialist. So said, done that method. The skin doctor informed me within 5 minutes that I have vitiligo.

The effect of vitiligo on my life

Of course, I myself had the concept that it may be vitiligo, however I had no idea of the effect of this skin condition on my life. In the beginning I found it really hard to see my skin and hence my appearance modification. The couple of spots I had made me insecure. I camouflaged them with make-up. I hesitated that individuals would think that as a beauty consultant and future skin therapist, I would not care for my skin properly and I would rather not desire them as a therapist.

In the meantime I have actually had the ability to convert this believed into something favorable with the help of my environment. ‘Patients will simply wish to come to you, because you, as an experience expert, understand much better than anybody what influence someone has and what individuals can do about it themselves!’ stated my sis Annemieke. My buddy, Kris, is extremely down-to-earth and says that I will still be lovely for him.

My moms and dads were surprised by it, however assist me to accept that it is. They advise me that the white areas on my light skin do not stick out so quickly. I likewise know that they support me when I want to be treated if the spots become worse.

All puzzle pieces in location

All puzzle pieces are now in place. My body immune system is lower (see box below) than someone else’s, and my body is less protective against foreign compounds. That is why I have actually always been so susceptible to getting sick rapidly and it constantly took me so long to recuperate completely.

It is very important to support my immune system with healthy food and the ideal nutritional supplements. In addition, I attempt to keep my ‘stress level’ as low as possible, because studies reveal that tension intensifies the vitiligo.

When it comes to problems that fit the scientific picture within other autoimmune illness, I need to understand that I have a higher chance of establishing these illness. In addition, it is crucial to safeguard the skin with vitiligo from the sun. The sun will create new locations and will increase the contrast in between my own skin color and the color of the spots. This will make the spots stick out a lot more.

This vacation I have actually also protected well with a factor of 50. In addition, I wear practically every day, sun or no sun, an element 30. In the summer I protect the skin in my face almost every day by an aspect of 50 and skin on my body too. In the winter season I use an element of 30 on my face every day. Lube, lubricate, lube!

I understand my patient

The positive side of my skin condition is the fact that I can better comprehend my clients. The quality of life has actually been decreased in many clients with a chronic skin problem and I can now make a much better impression of this. I can also tell the patient target group with vitiligo a lot about the treatment alternatives and the individual measures that can be required to restrict the size of the condition. This makes my job as a skin therapist even more grateful and fun!

Exactly what is vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a condition in which milk-white spots on the skin occur since the pigment cells in the skin break. Vitiligo is quite common. About 0.5 to 2% of the world’s population has the condition. It can take place at any age, however in half of individuals the condition debuts prior to the 20th year of life.

Vitiligo is not severe, but can be an extremely unpleasant condition. It is not yet clear exactly why the pigment cells in the skin break down. Several factors seem to play a role in the development of vitiligo. Possibly the immune system of the own body attacks the pigment cells. This idea is enhanced since people with vitiligo typically have other conditions where their own immune system attacks the body (autoimmune illness), such as diabetes.


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Dos And Donts For Ladies After Breast Augmentation

Numerous patients like to combine the recovery period of an operation with a holiday. However, restoring is everything other than getaway! In general, the body needs 6 weeks to recover from an operation. When breast augmentation suggests that in these 6 weeks the prostheses need to grow (encapsulate) in their pocket that is made surgically so that they can stagnate during movement. The scar in the chest fold heals much faster. This one is typically totally closed after 1 week, however of course it has to exercise and heal silently.

What do you consider when you go on trip after your breast enhancement?

Below are some suggestions & tricks:

Safeguard not only the scar but likewise the whole skin in your cleavage with a high factor (> 30 SPF) sunburn; the cavity where the prostheses are placed typically lead to the décolleté. The skin is loosened from the bottom layer and for that reason temporarily less well perfused. Make sure you rub the entire skin well after every swim or every 4 hours. The scar ought to be treated with special scar cream as your plastic surgeon has encouraged you.

To travel; driving and flying is allowed in concept 1 week after the operation once again. However, bear in mind that you are not allowed to make any overhand motions, this implies that you can quickly ride a (moderately heavy) roll luggage behind you but somebody will need to put your luggage up in the hold for example. Lots of women use the excuse that they have been run on their shoulder.

Pay attention during driving that the belt does not cut into the skin of your décolleté and that you do stagnate the arms overhead when making huge curves. That flying prostheses could blow up throughout flying is truly a fable!

Swimming; swimming on holiday normally does not suggest that long lanes are drawn at high speed. The scar in the breast fold need to be totally healed and closed prior to you can remain in the water longer than a typical shower (10 minutes). The scar should not soften, so that it can (partly) open. Nevertheless, if the scar is closed, which holds true in more than 99% of the patients after 10 days, then you can cool off in swimming pool water and seawater with no worries. No front crawl or breaststroke; these are overhand movements !!

Swimsuit; The breasts need to be well supported at all times. If you wish to wear a swimsuit for a brief time, you need to use a bikini with a firm assistance band under the breasts. A loose bandeau or the softer designs may not be worn throughout the first 6 weeks. – Avoid pressure on the breasts/ prostheses; sunbathing is only allowed in the supine position, resting on your stomach and so on your breasts the very first 6 weeks is certainly not practical! Some plastic surgeons think that after a breast augmentation it is never excellent to sleep on your stomach or lie on your stomach on the beach. There is no proof for this but listen carefully to your body. If after 6 weeks it is delicate after you have been pushing your stomach or if there is a kind of muscle cramp, wait till 3 months after the operation prior to you attempt once again.


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Do A Hairstyle Test For Your Face

Fancy discovering the ideal hairdo? Do the test to understand which cut fits best with the shape of your face!

You seem like a new look for your hair, but do unknown which hairstyle to select? This test assists you to learn exactly what the ideal design is in the shape of your face – with examples of celebs who will influence you!

Which hair do fits with which face?

If you browse through the publications at the hair stylist and see all those various hair styles, you will unknown it any more … But to understand which hairdo fits the shape of your face, you do not need a costly hair stylist at all! Do this test rapidly to get a clear concept about the shape of your face and the hairdos that fit you best.

Stand in front of a big mirror, your back directly, your shoulders back and your head raised. Ensure that the light does not cast shadows on your face or on the mirror and look directly in front of you.

And now the test! What shape does your face have?

Your face is …

a) Somewhat finer at the level of the jaws than at the level of the temples
b) Wider at the level of the temples and the hairline
c) About twice as long as wide

Your face is …

a) Longer than it is broad
b) Similarly large for forehead and yoke legs
c) Lightly rounded at the level of the jaws

Your face is …

a) Slightly wider at the forehead than the jaws
b) Round, like a doll
c) Angular, with four clear angles

Your yoke legs are …

a) Previously completed
b) About the very same width as the length of your face
c) As broad as your chin

And your chin? That is rather ...

a) Oval
b) Fine and pointed
c) Somewhat larger than your sleeping and hairline, near the jaws

What hairdo if you usually scored a:
You are lucky. With your face shape you can select any hairstyle! If you have thick hair, opt for stunning Californian curls. Utilize a nourishing hair care to nourish your hair and shine. You can also brush them back in an attractive ponytail. Do you choose brief hair? Carré hairdos are an exceptional option, but the girls with the most guts then go with a young boy’s hairdo. If you have fine hair, a gently cut hairdo can provide your hair more body, while a pair of locks (especially prevent a straight bang) and curls at the level of your yoke legs will offer an impression of volume. If you choose smooth hair, ensure that your hair roots do not stick to your head to make your face no longer appear.

What hair style if you have normally scored b:

Then you have the most interest in drawing attention to your eyes and yoke, and adding volume to the bottom of your face. If you do not wish to cut your hair, let the lengths cut a bit. Is your hair smooth and directly as a stick? Then prefer a casual hairstyle, where you drop a couple of locks on your face to make it look smaller sized. Prevent short ponies and rather opt for somewhat longer locks along your face. A hair part left wing or right also operates better than a separation in the middle. If you have thick hair, ask your hair stylist to cut it a little along your jaw line. A great hairstyle: curls or a long wavy carré. For that you look after your hair without weighing it downa hair shampoo that makes volume.

What hair style if you normally scored c:

Your hairdo must soften the shape and corners of your face! The best solution is to apply texture to your hair with stunning curls or a dégradé for when you have straight hair. Prevent a short carré and hairstyles that are much shorter than shoulder length: you have to grow your hair for a long period of time! A great hairdo for the shape of your face can be a wavy, which will soften your jaw line and offer more volume to the side of your face, particularly if your hair is long like that of Sarah Jessica Parker. Exactly what does it yield? Your face will appear softer. But you have to make certain that your hair does not give too much volume to your hair roots. And for lovely shiny hair, take care of it with a nourishing hair shampoo from Pantene.


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