Very popular diet causes confusion over carbohydrates. Some dieters are unsure whether carbohydrates will help them in their search for body fat, or prevent their progress in their weight loss journey. In order to understand the effect of carbohydrates on the human body, you must first understand that not all carbohydrates are evenly created. There are good and bad carbohydrates.

Include good carbohydrates in your fat loss diet. These carbohydrates are full of fiber and nutrients, and you should not turn them off if you try to lose body fat. Good carbohydrates have a positive influence on insulin levels and, as a result, help burn fat. Examples include whole grains, such as brown rice, steel cut oatmeal, quinoa and whole grains. Yam, sweet potatoes, winter slices, peas, legumes, colorful fibrous vegetables, super fruit, green leafy vegetables and crude floral vegetables are also considered a good carbohydrate. If you try to lose body fat, try restricting your carbohydrate intake to foods on this list.

Avoid bad carbohydrates because they will not help you lose body fat. They are refined and processed carbohydrates that have already been stripped of most of their natural nutrients and fiber. Bad carbohydrates are often foods that have empty calories. Your body processes these empty calories, in a way they turn into extra body fat. Bad carbohydrates include foods that easily digest such as most pastries, snacks, white bread, white rice, pasta, and sugared soda

Plan ahead, in order to make good food choices. Incorporating good carbohydrates in a busy lifestyle is easy if you are sure to have a variety of good carbohydrates available. Remove bad carbohydrates from your food box or spoon and fill with a good carbohydrate. Take snacks to work, so you will not be tempted by the bad carbohydrates in the vending machine. Also, remember to pack a bottle of water so you will not fall for drinking sugary soda.