Fancy discovering the ideal hairdo? Do the test to understand which cut fits best with the shape of your face!

You seem like a new look for your hair, but do unknown which hairstyle to select? This test assists you to learn exactly what the ideal design is in the shape of your face – with examples of celebs who will influence you!

Which hair do fits with which face?

If you browse through the publications at the hair stylist and see all those various hair styles, you will unknown it any more … But to understand which hairdo fits the shape of your face, you do not need a costly hair stylist at all! Do this test rapidly to get a clear concept about the shape of your face and the hairdos that fit you best.

Stand in front of a big mirror, your back directly, your shoulders back and your head raised. Ensure that the light does not cast shadows on your face or on the mirror and look directly in front of you.

And now the test! What shape does your face have?

Your face is …

a) Somewhat finer at the level of the jaws than at the level of the temples
b) Wider at the level of the temples and the hairline
c) About twice as long as wide

Your face is …

a) Longer than it is broad
b) Similarly large for forehead and yoke legs
c) Lightly rounded at the level of the jaws

Your face is …

a) Slightly wider at the forehead than the jaws
b) Round, like a doll
c) Angular, with four clear angles

Your yoke legs are …

a) Previously completed
b) About the very same width as the length of your face
c) As broad as your chin

And your chin? That is rather ...

a) Oval
b) Fine and pointed
c) Somewhat larger than your sleeping and hairline, near the jaws

What hairdo if you usually scored a:
You are lucky. With your face shape you can select any hairstyle! If you have thick hair, opt for stunning Californian curls. Utilize a nourishing hair care to nourish your hair and shine. You can also brush them back in an attractive ponytail. Do you choose brief hair? Carré hairdos are an exceptional option, but the girls with the most guts then go with a young boy’s hairdo. If you have fine hair, a gently cut hairdo can provide your hair more body, while a pair of locks (especially prevent a straight bang) and curls at the level of your yoke legs will offer an impression of volume. If you choose smooth hair, ensure that your hair roots do not stick to your head to make your face no longer appear.

What hair style if you have normally scored b:

Then you have the most interest in drawing attention to your eyes and yoke, and adding volume to the bottom of your face. If you do not wish to cut your hair, let the lengths cut a bit. Is your hair smooth and directly as a stick? Then prefer a casual hairstyle, where you drop a couple of locks on your face to make it look smaller sized. Prevent short ponies and rather opt for somewhat longer locks along your face. A hair part left wing or right also operates better than a separation in the middle. If you have thick hair, ask your hair stylist to cut it a little along your jaw line. A great hairstyle: curls or a long wavy carré. For that you look after your hair without weighing it downa hair shampoo that makes volume.

What hair style if you normally scored c:

Your hairdo must soften the shape and corners of your face! The best solution is to apply texture to your hair with stunning curls or a dégradé for when you have straight hair. Prevent a short carré and hairstyles that are much shorter than shoulder length: you have to grow your hair for a long period of time! A great hairdo for the shape of your face can be a wavy, which will soften your jaw line and offer more volume to the side of your face, particularly if your hair is long like that of Sarah Jessica Parker. Exactly what does it yield? Your face will appear softer. But you have to make certain that your hair does not give too much volume to your hair roots. And for lovely shiny hair, take care of it with a nourishing hair shampoo from Pantene.