There are many misunderstandings about how damaged hair looks. Here you will find some features of damaged hair and ways to combat it effectively.

Characteristics damaged hair:

– Rough structure
– Largely porous
– Dry and fragile to touch
– No elasticity, easy to break
– It becomes spongy and gets tangled when the hair is wet
– The color fades quickly or is absorbed too much by the hair

The most obvious features are generally caused by damage to and excess stretch of the top layer of the hair shaft. This can be done by fohnen, wind, sharp shampoos and chemical treatments of the hair, but also by other heat modeling methods and environmental influences.

By using a cream rinse that is pH neutral, moisturizing, and enriched with proteins, you can soften the upper layer of hair and protect the hair shaft against further damage. If your hair is damaged, it is important to use a good moisturizing cream rinse every week, until the condition of the hair is improved. Use a light conditioner spray daily, during styling of the hair.

hair loss

The problem of reducing elasticity and fragile hair is not always easy to diagnose. Healthy hair can stretch up to 150% of its normal length – without breaking – and returns to its original state. Unless your ends have a lot of split or shorter, broken hair, you will not be aware that there is a problem.

You can find the best indication of bad hair sleety in your hairbrush. Do you find a lot of hair in your brush? Do you often have to clean your brush because there is a lot of hair left behind in the brushes? Unless you can see that these hairs are full length and have come out from the root (in that case you have another problem), there is usually broken hair. The best solution in this case is a protein rich cream rinse, and / or a weekly protein treatment, which will make the hair shaft strong again.

Things like color absorption or fading, and sponginess and cleanliness of wet hair, are also linked to porous hair, but worse. Such severe damage can only be improved through intensive treatment and continuous care during styling and modeling of the hair. The cream rinsing treatments and products that we can buy today can help protect the hair and reduce some damage, but the best way to keep healthy hair is prevention