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Can You Lose Weight With Water?

It is one of the tips that often pass to make diets easier: drinking weight with water . There are countless different reasons for this, but all sources claim that you ‘lose weight if you drink a lot.  super greens powder That sounds ideal, of course!

Unfortunately there is, as often happens, a snake in the grass. If losing weight with water really went so automatically, we had already lost a couple of kilos … But is there still some truth in this tip? In the blog that we have written for you today, you will read all about it!

Lose weight with water?

Sources that say that you can fall off with water often give very plausible sounding reasons. For example, your metabolism would start to work faster, causing you to burn more energy . Unfortunately, that kind of statement makes it all too complicated! Losing weight is ultimately a matter of calories , and water does not change the calories that you ingest or burn.

So if you keep eating exactly the same as you always do, you will not suddenly become slimmer by drinking extra. Blogs that claim this can be better taken with a grain of salt .

Water as an alternative

Yet it is not that water can not be useful at all if you want to lose weight. It can indeed help you to get fewer calories in total! An important advice is to only drink water during the day. Leave the sugary soft drinks as much as possible and drink as little alcohol as possible .

Instead, opt for water or water with a taste or water-based beverages such as tea or homemade iced tea . This way you avoid the many sugars and calories that many people consume unnoticed through their drinking. Every day that can save hundreds of calories, and in the long run you will indeed fall for it!

Water as a snack

And water can help you in a different way to eat less : it fills up properly. If you drink a good glass of water before a meal, you eat less on average. This way you reduce your portion size unnoticed ! It can also be a good idea to use water as a snack.

Do you feel an enormous binge of food coming up, and you do not have any good snacks at hand? Drink a big glass of water again! Often your body has a tendency to confuse hunger and thirst, so this can already solve the appetite. And if it really is just a binge, that water helps you to resist the temptation.

Water is healthy

Then there are of course general reasons that make it wise to drink a lot. Water is simply very healthy. When you are well hydrated, you will feel more active and awake. That can also benefit your efforts: after all, you will soon consume more energy!

Sufficient water also ensures that waste products can be better disposed of through your body. Finally, it also triggers all kinds of other body processes. For example, lubricating your joints and regulating your temperature is not possible without sufficient water. All reason enough to drink enough, in other words!

How much water to drink?

What is a healthy amount of water to drink? On average, most people need about 1.5 to 2 liters per day. In some circumstances, however, it is better to drink more, for example if you exercise a lot or if it is very hot. Even heavier people often need more water.

Your basic water requirement is approximately equal to your body weight multiplied by 0.03. Someone weighing 80 kilos should drink about 2.4 liters of water , while someone who weighs 60 kilos only needs 1.8 liters. A convenient way to always drink enough is to fill enough half liter bottles in the morning and drink them empty. This way you will not lose count of the number of glasses that you have drunk.


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Urticaria or Hives

Urticaria or hives is a sometimes serious skin condition that is accompanied by itching, rash and often painful swelling. images of oxyhives It is one of the most common skin diseases. 20 percent of the population sometimes has to deal with Urticaria during their lifetime.

Often hives are transient but for many people the disease remains active for a long time. In Belgium, 50,000 people are said to suffer from a chronic form of this disease.

Urticaria is most common in children between 1 and 4 years. From the age of 15, urticaria is about twice as common in women than in men.

What is hives?

Urticaria or hives is a skin reaction that is characterized by a rapidly emerging (often within 30 minutes), often highly itchy skin rash. At the start there are red spots that can then turn into thickened, light pink spots (‘humps’). These can occur anywhere on the skin. Sometimes the swellings are painful and burning.

The view of the result is reminiscent of the results of contact with nettles, which explains the Dutch name ‘hives’.

The bumps develop very quickly (often within 30 minutes) but disappear just as quickly. Sometimes it takes a few hours or even a day or a night before they disappear completely. In exceptional cases they can last for a few days or even weeks.

Angioedema can sometimes occur simultaneously with urticaria : sudden, more painful than itchy swelling of deeper tissues (face, lips, tongue, hands, feet and genitalia). If a swelling of the mouth and throat or larynx occurs, this can be life threatening.


Angioedema (sometimes also called Quincke’s edema) is a special form of urticaria. The itching is less, but the swellings are much larger than with normal urticaria. Angioedema often occurs on the eyelids, cheeks, lips, tongue and throat, but the genitals and intestines can also be affected. With large swellings, this can lead to serious consequences, such as swallowing problems and breathlessness or severe stomach cramps. Angioedema usually lasts longer than normal nettle fever, often several days before the swelling disappears.

Angioedema and urticaria often occur together, but sometimes angioedema can also occur without a skin rash.

Like normal urticaria, angioedema can have many causes . This may include an allergic or non-allergic reaction to certain food components, some medicines (such as anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-hypertensive drugs, etc.), contrast agents used in medical examinations, an insect sting and so on.

There is also a rare hereditary form of angioedema, which is based on too little production of a certain enzyme, the C1 esterase inhibitor. Due to a deficiency of this enzyme, fluid retention in the tissues can usually develop temporarily and locally as a result of leakage in the blood vessels. This form of angioedema can occur at a young age.


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Serotonin Deficiency Symptoms!

You have probably heard of the substance serotonin. Just like dopamine and endorphins , this is one of those substances that will make you feel happier . Your view of life becomes more positive if you create more of it! Conversely, a serotonin deficiency is associated with, for example, depression. All the more reason to ensure that you make enough serotonin – but how do you do that?

What are important serotonin deficiency symptoms to monitor? And how is such a shortage actually caused, if there is one? We tell you everything about a serotonin deficiency – and how to solve it – in today’s article.

What is serotonin?

Serotonin makes you happy – but how does it do it? In short, this hormone is a neurotransmitter : it influences the way your brain works. When you produce enough serotonin in your brain, you will feel happier and better equipped. Apart from that, serotonin also has essential functions elsewhere in your body.

As is about 90% of your stock serotonin in your intestinal tract, where it has an important role in regulating the digestive system . It also keeps your blood pressure at a good level and strengthens your immune system. So we are definitely talking about a vital hormone!

Serotonin deficiency cause

As with many hormones , the balance in your body can be relatively easily disturbed. For example, with serotonin, too much stress and a lack of sleep may be enough. Your body will then produce too much cortisol , causing an imbalance. The production of serotonin is then put on the back burner.

A lack of movement can also have this consequence. Finally, nutrition is very important when it comes to a serotonin deficiency. Serotonin is formed in the brain from tryptophan , an amino acid. If that is not enough in your diet, it can also result in you no longer producing enough serotonin.

Vicious circle with sugar

Moreover, once a serotonin deficiency arises, your diet often only makes it worse. An important symptom is that you get more appetite for sugar and sweets. Very explainable in the short term, because sugar activates the ‘reward center’ in the brain. You will feel better for a while.

The problem is that insulin production also increases rapidly as a result. If that production is always too high, your body will be less able to produce and absorb serotonin. So you start to feel sadder, so you eat more sugar, which makes you feel sadder… A vicious circle that you really have to break through.


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4 Good Eye Shadow Techniques

It doesn’t have to be that hard to put the eye shadow at all – just look here – When can you use eye shadow? Always! At least, many make-up enthusiasts will. Many women only decorate the eyelids when there is an occasion, and it is actually a bit annoying – for it is so beautiful!

A neutral shade to everyday life not only gives your face edge, it also highlights and defines your eyes. And the best part is that it does not have to take many minutes to lay.

For some it may be a bit of a challenge to lay a nice, even eye shadow – which should even be uniform on both eyes. Therefore, Woman has made a guide so that you can learn four very basic techniques for laying the fine eye shadow – then it is just up to you to choose the color and maybe play a bit with the effects.

Just look here:

1. Light shade on the entire eyelid

This technique is a very used technique and it is not difficult to master!

The eye shadow naturally falls into the eye’s natural shadows and shape when you put it. All you need is actually just a single shade and a wide, soft brush.

Here’s how:
First, add a light, neutral eye shadow to your skin tone on the entire eyelid and let the globe line be the top edge in a soft arch. The globe line is the line that runs across the center of the eyelid that follows the eyeball’s round .
Then, apply the colored eye shadow to the eyelid from the inner to the outer corner of the eye and up to the globe line – imagine that the eye shadow should be shaped like an almond on the eyelid.

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2. Fine line along the lash line

If you are not used to wearing eye shadow, or just want a subdued, neutral eye makeup, this eye shadow technique is really good for you. The thin line marks the eye and gives edge, and then it is a quick, easy way to put your eye shadow on – and you can use this technique with and without eyeliner.

To do this:

First, add a light, neutral eye shadow to your skin tone on the entire eyelid and up to the globe line to create a uniform color. Here you need a soft brush that is slightly larger than the small eyeshadow brushes.

Then put the dark shadow along the lash line at the eyelid. To ensure a dark, even shade you can use a slanted brush. It is important that there are no hard edges – so always make sure to create a natural transition by lightening the dark shadow in the light with the brush.

3. Almond Shade

This technique is a classic, and it is always good if you just need a little extra on your eyes. You can even play with the shade’s color depending on the occasion and what you feel comfortable with. The shadow has a super fat effect that gives life to the eye.

Here’s how:
First, add a light, neutral eye shadow to your skin tone, across the eyelid and up to the globe line to create a uniform color.

Create the effect by placing the dark shade in a supine V-shape in the outer corner of the eye – that is, opposite the eye hook. You can extend one line in the V by adding the color along the globe line to give the eye more edge.

If you have any doubts about the shade or color that you are wearing, simply blend the shadows on your hand until you hit the perfect color. It may be a good idea to dab the bright shade in the middle of the eyelid to achieve a clearer effect.

4. Deep, intense eyes

This technique is really good if you want to give your eyes more depth. To create depth, use a dark eye shadow that you put in the globe line. The globe line you find by following the line that runs just above the eye that follows the eye of the eyeball.

Here’s how:

First, add a light, neutral eye shadow to your skin tone on the entire eyelid and up to the globe line to create a uniform color.

Then apply the dark shadow with a brush. Use a color that can be seen so you just get the eyes highlighted, so use a medium to dark shade – and you can easily play with the dark colors for an even more intense look. It will be a nice result if you put the eye shadow from the outer corner of the eye and into the inner corner of the eye. However, if you already have a very clear globe line, this technique is not the best for you, as it makes your eyes look even deeper.

It is important that there are no hard edges, so always make sure to create a natural transition by lightening the dark shadow in the light with the brush.

Tip! You can advantageously put the dark color in the globe line while the eye is partially open.

3 Great tips for putting eye shadow

1. The guide applies to all kinds of eye shadow

The four eye shadow techniques apply regardless of the type of eye shadow you use; powder, pencil, cream or mineral eye shadows.

2. Avoid eyeshadow sprinkling

No matter how careful you are during the application of the eyeshadow, it may be difficult to avoid dripping onto your cheeks. Therefore, you should always get concealer under the eyes and / or foundation on the cheeks after you put the eye shadow. Alternatively, you can keep something underneath as you lay the eye shadow – for example, it may be a cotton ball that you hold on to your cheek.

3. Use a primer – so keep your eye makeup longer

Even the most expensive and best eye shadows on the market have limited durability. Therefore, you can advantageously use a primer before applying the eye shadow. The primer ensures that the eye shadow does not fade or settle in the lines of the eyelid. If you use a skin-colored primer, the color of the eye shade becomes deeper.


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Damaged rough and Dry Hair

There are many misunderstandings about how damaged hair looks. Here you will find some features of damaged hair and ways to combat it effectively.

Characteristics damaged hair:

– Rough structure
– Largely porous
– Dry and fragile to touch
– No elasticity, easy to break
– It becomes spongy and gets tangled when the hair is wet
– The color fades quickly or is absorbed too much by the hair

The most obvious features are generally caused by damage to and excess stretch of the top layer of the hair shaft. This can be done by fohnen, wind, sharp shampoos and chemical treatments of the hair, but also by other heat modeling methods and environmental influences.

By using a cream rinse that is pH neutral, moisturizing, and enriched with proteins, you can soften the upper layer of hair and protect the hair shaft against further damage. If your hair is damaged, it is important to use a good moisturizing cream rinse every week, until the condition of the hair is improved. Use a light conditioner spray daily, during styling of the hair.

hair loss

The problem of reducing elasticity and fragile hair is not always easy to diagnose. Healthy hair can stretch up to 150% of its normal length – without breaking – and returns to its original state. Unless your ends have a lot of split or shorter, broken hair, you will not be aware that there is a problem.

You can find the best indication of bad hair sleety in your hairbrush. Do you find a lot of hair in your brush? Do you often have to clean your brush because there is a lot of hair left behind in the brushes? Unless you can see that these hairs are full length and have come out from the root (in that case you have another problem), there is usually broken hair. The best solution in this case is a protein rich cream rinse, and / or a weekly protein treatment, which will make the hair shaft strong again.

Things like color absorption or fading, and sponginess and cleanliness of wet hair, are also linked to porous hair, but worse. Such severe damage can only be improved through intensive treatment and continuous care during styling and modeling of the hair. The cream rinsing treatments and products that we can buy today can help protect the hair and reduce some damage, but the best way to keep healthy hair is prevention


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How do you keep your hair healthy

Everyone wants a full bunch of healthy hair. But how do you keep your hair beautiful? Washing every day does not seem the best way and also with blow-drying and painting you have to be careful.

You can best compare your hair with wool. If you wash your woolen clothing too often, it becomes less beautiful. Shampoo does not necessarily do something good for your hair: it is for cleaning the scalp.

The longer, thicker and more curly the hair, the longer the period may be between two washes. The sebum from the sebaceous glands of the scalp spreads less quickly through the hair. The hair is therefore dryer and needs fewer washes.

The only reason to wash your hair every day is the smell. It is really not necessary. In addition, washing often ensures that you need more care and styling products. Clean hair is soft and sticky and therefore less easy to style.


A healthy diet is also important for a healthy bunch of hair. Varied food creates a healthy, beautiful, soft head of hair. Proteins play the most important role here. The hair consists for the most part of protein. You get that from beans, grains, soya and meat.

Also, iron is important for beautiful mane. Iron is involved in the formation of proteins and is found primarily in meat, but also in soybeans and pumpkin seeds, for example. Furthermore, vitamin B8 (biotin) has a beneficial effect on the hair. Biotin is found in eggs, liver, milk, nuts and peanuts.

Vitamin D and E and the trace elements selenium, copper and magnesium contribute to healthy hair. Any vitamin deficiency can lead to hair loss.


Of stress is also often said that it is not good for your hair: it could lead to gray hair. It is unclear whether stress can actually accelerate cell aging.

It is true that physical stress is a cause for hair loss. This stress can be caused by, for example, medication, weight loss and disease. Emotional stress is often accompanied by physical stress. As a result, people with emotional stress can also suffer from hair loss.

Be kind

In addition, it is very important to be nice to your hair. Blow drying , styling, painting: heat and chemical products can damage the hair and dry out. Chemicals can also irritate the scalp. Always keep a hair dryer at a distance and choose a professional for complex hair coloring or treatment (styling or permanent). Permanent color makes the hair increasingly drier and less lively. The same applies to styles and perms. So be realistic and choose a hairstyle and color that suits you well. Also visit a hairdresser regularly. Split ends are a kind of natural way of ‘cutting’


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How to Lose Carbohydrates Body Fat Eating

Very popular diet causes confusion over carbohydrates. Some dieters are unsure whether carbohydrates will help them in their search for body fat, or prevent their progress in their weight loss journey. In order to understand the effect of carbohydrates on the human body, you must first understand that not all carbohydrates are evenly created. There are good and bad carbohydrates.

Include good carbohydrates in your fat loss diet. These carbohydrates are full of fiber and nutrients, and you should not turn them off if you try to lose body fat. Good carbohydrates have a positive influence on insulin levels and, as a result, help burn fat. Examples include whole grains, such as brown rice, steel cut oatmeal, quinoa and whole grains. Yam, sweet potatoes, winter slices, peas, legumes, colorful fibrous vegetables, super fruit, green leafy vegetables and crude floral vegetables are also considered a good carbohydrate. If you try to lose body fat, try restricting your carbohydrate intake to foods on this list.

Avoid bad carbohydrates because they will not help you lose body fat. They are refined and processed carbohydrates that have already been stripped of most of their natural nutrients and fiber. Bad carbohydrates are often foods that have empty calories. Your body processes these empty calories, in a way they turn into extra body fat. Bad carbohydrates include foods that easily digest such as most pastries, snacks, white bread, white rice, pasta, and sugared soda

Plan ahead, in order to make good food choices. Incorporating good carbohydrates in a busy lifestyle is easy if you are sure to have a variety of good carbohydrates available. Remove bad carbohydrates from your food box or spoon and fill with a good carbohydrate. Take snacks to work, so you will not be tempted by the bad carbohydrates in the vending machine. Also, remember to pack a bottle of water so you will not fall for drinking sugary soda.


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Strength Training Can Boost Brain Seniors` Giving

But while supervising weight gain equal to mental functioning among those struggling with incipient memory loss, aerobics-based activity programs did not confer a similar mental health benefit, the study found.

“Most studies have looked at aerobic education, but this study compares both aerobic and strength training,” explains curemsnow”And among people who are not yet` demented ‘but are already at high risk in terms of mild memory and executive function impairment, our study shows that power training, but not aerobics training, means having benefits for cognition. “

Among the elderly, mild “cognitive,” or mental, impairment is considered as an indication of future full-scale dementia risk, as well as a chance of intervening with some form of treatment that can lower the risk. Previously, the study found that a year of twice a week improved resistance (power) classes equal to overall cognitive capacity among mentally healthy elderly women. This time the team focused on women between 70 and 80 years old who complained of memory problems and were considered to have “probably” moderate cognitive impairment.

“There is definitely other work that also suggested that exercise may be cognitive,” she noted. “Participation in physical activity definitely seems to help keep memory and thinking skills.”

“It may be that resistance training requires more learning and monitoring by its nature,” she said. “If you are lifting weights, you need to set up your teams, monitor your teams, use weight machines, and you have to adjust the seat, etc. But with the passage it is so much more natural for most, so there is less cognitive involvement. But at this point we do not have a clear idea of ??what’s going on at the mechanical level.

As you sleep, your brain is able to process and disturb more effectively. Shoot 6-8 hours a night. You will feel much better in the morning, and your brain will function more clearly throughout the day.


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Risks And Complications With Breast Enlargement Surgery

There are fewer complications and risks associated with breast augmentation by lipofilling than breast augmentation with implants.

Risks and complications in breast augmentation with implants

The decision to switch to breast augmentation is a very personal one. Because surgery always involves risks, you will have to decide whether the benefits of a fuller bosom outweigh the possible complications of the operation and breast implants.

Your plastic surgeon will explain in detail the (small) risks associated with an operation. The risks of breast implants and complications after breast augmentation include:

Bleeding (hematoma)
Poor healing of the wound
Changes in (the feel of) the nipple, temporarily or permanently
Ripple the skin over the implant
Moisture accumulation or capsular formation, causing the breasts to feel hard
Painful breasts
For an extensive list of risks and complications, see also the English site of the American testing institute FDA .

Risks and complications with a breast augmentation with lipofilling

The risks associated with lipofilling are mainly related to the liposuction that must be performed prior to lipofilling. For example, liposuction has a very small chance of infection or a bleeding.

Things to consider before undergoing breast augmentation with a breast implant
It is important to be well aware of the consequences of breast enlargement. Therefore always keep in mind the following:

Breast implants have a Limited lifespan.

The longer you walk around with breast prostheses, the greater the chance that they can lead to complaints at a given moment, such as a rupture. This applies to all types of breast prostheses.
You have to take into account that you may have to go under the knife again after the first operation.
For example, surgery may be necessary to replace the implants.
Breast surgery does not always lead to a cosmetic improvement.
Keep in mind that breast augmentation can lead to irreversible and undesirable results. Fortunately, this happens rarely.

Your own natural breasts will possibly change forever.

When you have the breast prosthesis removed, for example because you experience symptoms, you have to take into account that your natural breasts will look different. Often the breasts become much weaker, more wrinkled and there is a decrease of the natural breast tissue.
If you have breast implants placed then you will have to check your breasts for the rest of your life.
If you notice something strange about your breasts, then it is advisable to contact a doctor as soon as possible.
If you have breast prostheses placed, then you have a very small but increased risk of a rare type of cancer.
This type of cancer is called ALCL and can occur in the tissue around the breast implant. ALCL is not a breast cancer, but has to do with the lymph system. Women diagnosed with ALCL may need treatment with chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.


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7 Things That All Men Need To Know About External Care

Especially for you, our male reader, we have drawn up twelve handy tips on external care. Read them through, read them one more time and never forget these tips again. These are the things that you need to know as a man.

1. Clean Skin
Your skin is the basis of your external care and should therefore not be forgotten. In fact, a good routine can ensure that your entire look changes in a positive way. Every day your skin is exposed to harmful influences such as sun, wind, cigarette smoke and CO2 emissions. Even some particles from certain air fresheners can be the culprit. These particles land on your skin and that is why it is important to wash them off at the end of the day. Unfortunately, washing with water and a normal soap is not enough. Soaps developed for your body are too aggressive for the face. Use a mild facial cleanser daily to clean clogged pores and prevent impurities.

2. Scrub
It is best to scrub your skin once a week with a facial scrub. This way you remove dead skin cells and the skin gets a deep, thorough cleaning. Your skin feels and looks much better. In addition, exfoliating cleanses the facial hair, prevents ingrown hairs and ensures that shaving is much smoother. Avoid the sensitive skin around the eyes and scrub not too hard, otherwise you can damage the skin and the consequences are only negative (impurities can be exacerbated for example). You can also carefully (!) Exfoliate your lips to remove skins. Then use a moisturizing lip balm.

3. Hydration
One thing that men absolutely must not forget is to use a moisturizing cream. After scrubbing, cleaning or shaving your skin can feel dry. For example, when shaving, natural oils are scraped away. If you put an aftershave over it, the skin dries even more by the alcohol contained in it. By applying a nourishing cream, you ensure that the skin is supple and hydrated again.

4. Pamper your skin
A beauty treatment every now and then is possible. Try a face mask! Would you prefer to have someone else do this treatment? Nowadays beauty treatments are easy to book online.

5. Eyes
Sorry guys, we have more bad news: a normal day cream does not belong on the sensitive skin around your eyes. The solution is to use a special eye cream in those areas. This area needs special care to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

6. Eyebrows
The hairs between your eyebrows are easy to epilate. Do not shave the hair away, otherwise there will be stubble! Epilate only the ‘stray’ hair and do not take too much away. It immediately ensures a well-groomed look.

7. Shaving
Leave the shaving foam in place and try instead a natural oil to shave with. Take a look at your kitchen cupboard and try olive oil or coconut oil. It does not clog the pores, shaving is smoother and it is very good for your skin!


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