It is one of the tips that often pass to make diets easier: drinking weight with water . There are countless different reasons for this, but all sources claim that you ‘lose weight if you drink a lot.  super greens powder That sounds ideal, of course!

Unfortunately there is, as often happens, a snake in the grass. If losing weight with water really went so automatically, we had already lost a couple of kilos … But is there still some truth in this tip? In the blog that we have written for you today, you will read all about it!

Lose weight with water?

Sources that say that you can fall off with water often give very plausible sounding reasons. For example, your metabolism would start to work faster, causing you to burn more energy . Unfortunately, that kind of statement makes it all too complicated! Losing weight is ultimately a matter of calories , and water does not change the calories that you ingest or burn.

So if you keep eating exactly the same as you always do, you will not suddenly become slimmer by drinking extra. Blogs that claim this can be better taken with a grain of salt .

Water as an alternative

Yet it is not that water can not be useful at all if you want to lose weight. It can indeed help you to get fewer calories in total! An important advice is to only drink water during the day. Leave the sugary soft drinks as much as possible and drink as little alcohol as possible .

Instead, opt for water or water with a taste or water-based beverages such as tea or homemade iced tea . This way you avoid the many sugars and calories that many people consume unnoticed through their drinking. Every day that can save hundreds of calories, and in the long run you will indeed fall for it!

Water as a snack

And water can help you in a different way to eat less : it fills up properly. If you drink a good glass of water before a meal, you eat less on average. This way you reduce your portion size unnoticed ! It can also be a good idea to use water as a snack.

Do you feel an enormous binge of food coming up, and you do not have any good snacks at hand? Drink a big glass of water again! Often your body has a tendency to confuse hunger and thirst, so this can already solve the appetite. And if it really is just a binge, that water helps you to resist the temptation.

Water is healthy

Then there are of course general reasons that make it wise to drink a lot. Water is simply very healthy. When you are well hydrated, you will feel more active and awake. That can also benefit your efforts: after all, you will soon consume more energy!

Sufficient water also ensures that waste products can be better disposed of through your body. Finally, it also triggers all kinds of other body processes. For example, lubricating your joints and regulating your temperature is not possible without sufficient water. All reason enough to drink enough, in other words!

How much water to drink?

What is a healthy amount of water to drink? On average, most people need about 1.5 to 2 liters per day. In some circumstances, however, it is better to drink more, for example if you exercise a lot or if it is very hot. Even heavier people often need more water.

Your basic water requirement is approximately equal to your body weight multiplied by 0.03. Someone weighing 80 kilos should drink about 2.4 liters of water , while someone who weighs 60 kilos only needs 1.8 liters. A convenient way to always drink enough is to fill enough half liter bottles in the morning and drink them empty. This way you will not lose count of the number of glasses that you have drunk.