Everyone wants a full bunch of healthy hair. But how do you keep your hair beautiful? Washing every day does not seem the best way and also with blow-drying and painting you have to be careful.

You can best compare your hair with wool. If you wash your woolen clothing too often, it becomes less beautiful. Shampoo does not necessarily do something good for your hair: it is for cleaning the scalp.

The longer, thicker and more curly the hair, the longer the period may be between two washes. The sebum from the sebaceous glands of the scalp spreads less quickly through the hair. The hair is therefore dryer and needs fewer washes.

The only reason to wash your hair every day is the smell. It is really not necessary. In addition, washing often ensures that you need more care and styling products. Clean hair is soft and sticky and therefore less easy to style.


A healthy diet is also important for a healthy bunch of hair. Varied food creates a healthy, beautiful, soft head of hair. Proteins play the most important role here. The hair consists for the most part of protein. You get that from beans, grains, soya and meat.

Also, iron is important for beautiful mane. Iron is involved in the formation of proteins and is found primarily in meat, but also in soybeans and pumpkin seeds, for example. Furthermore, vitamin B8 (biotin) has a beneficial effect on the hair. Biotin is found in eggs, liver, milk, nuts and peanuts.

Vitamin D and E and the trace elements selenium, copper and magnesium contribute to healthy hair. Any vitamin deficiency can lead to hair loss.


Of stress is also often said that it is not good for your hair: it could lead to gray hair. It is unclear whether stress can actually accelerate cell aging.

It is true that physical stress is a cause for hair loss. This stress can be caused by, for example, medication, weight loss and disease. Emotional stress is often accompanied by physical stress. As a result, people with emotional stress can also suffer from hair loss.

Be kind

In addition, it is very important to be nice to your hair. Blow drying , styling, painting: heat and chemical products can damage the hair and dry out. Chemicals can also irritate the scalp. Always keep a hair dryer at a distance and choose a professional for complex hair coloring or treatment (styling or permanent). Permanent color makes the hair increasingly drier and less lively. The same applies to styles and perms. So be realistic and choose a hairstyle and color that suits you well. Also visit a hairdresser regularly. Split ends are a kind of natural way of ‘cutting’